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Holateck has been playing an influent role in the Android mobile app development industry to render customised solutions in a compliance with client’s requirements. We recognize that in our digital age, technology in a constant state of development. Our android application developers and UX designer’s expert in creating personalized enterprise apps that help your businesses in building effective mobile strategies.

Holateck take a pride in developing android apps for your businesses and offering you with mobility solutions for your business. Our android app development services include android games development, Android widget development, Android app QA & testing, android app upgrades and android support and more. Our practices and effective project management skills help us to be cost-effective and increase productivity of your business. Avail the best possible mobility solutions for your business from our expert team with acute knowledge, proficiency in developing android apps.

Benefits of Android Apps for Business

  • Android provides flexibility with Easy Customization alternatives; So, our developers are able to build apps with different functionalities. Holateck offers versatility to integrate multimedia tools and data management functions with easy updates.
  • Android app developers have free access that is with Low Investment to the Android Software development kit as we know that Android is an open source platform.
  • Wearable devices are quickly gaining among businesses for fast communication through Smartwatch notifications.
  • Android platform is a greatly secure platform where apps are safe from malware that tract data organization for executing codes.

Features of Android application development

Applications - Contains the applications, like the Browser, Camera, Gallery, Music and Phone.

Application framework - An API which allows high-level interactions with the Android system.

Libraries and runtime - The libraries for many common framework functions, like graphic rendering, data storage, web browsing. Also contains the Android runtime, as well as the core Java libraries for running Android applications

Linux kernel - Communication layer for the underlying hardware

Android Application

Services of Android app development

  • Customized Android application development
  • Mobile productivity application development
  • Customized tablets
  • Hybrid Application Development
  • Designing and prototyping
  • Server based android app development

We take it as our responsibility to flawlessly transform your idea into an efficient android apps, taking care of your business and presenting in the market. We put our efforts towards promotion and rollout strategy of your android apps. Our android app development services include up-to date integrated flawless apps that are highly functional and combines overwhelming features to suit your business. We deliver cost efficient and reliable android app development services for your businesses.

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